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Move-N-Around: The Nitrogen Game

Move N Around Blog Post GraphicMarch is Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month, a month-long initiative that helps bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, educating them about farming and food production. To celebrate Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month, we’ve developed an interactive game, Move-N-Around, that teaches players about the Nitrogen Cycle.

The Nitrogen Cycle is arguably one of the most important biological processes on the planet, with significant impacts on agriculture and the environment.  It's also one of the most complex, leaving many people confused about how it works and its effects on climate.  

By breaking down a complex topic into a hands-on format, players can see how important Nitrogen is as a building block of life and understand how to best use it as a critical component of biology.  

Players become different forms of Nitrogen that journey through the Nitrogen Cycle in the soil, air, and water.  This immersive experience highlights the complexity of the cycle, the benefits of productive Nitrogen and the consequences of unproductive Nitrogen. 


Interested in playing Move N Around? It’s available as a free download. If you play it, share your experience and photos by tagging @PivotBioCA on social media for a chance to win the board game! For other resources that can help explain food, farming, and science, check out Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

Download Move-N-Around

The free download of Move N Around includes lesson presentation, game instructions, printable game materials, and a nitrogen cycle poster.

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